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How To Keep Fine Wine Fresh The Longest

Enjoying wine shouldn’t require you to drink an entire bottle in a sitting. Unfortunately, all too many people have had to deal with the heartbreak of pouring out a glass of very good wine, only to find that it’s turned to vinegar. The trick to keeping your wine fresh has to do with fighting wine’s worst enemies– oxygen and temperature... »View More

Proper Procedures For How To Decant Your Wine

The art of decanting wine, pouring wine from the bottle into another container before it goes into your glass, serves many purposes and need not be reserved for fancy hotels or connoisseurs. It is simple to do and typically done to eliminate sediment, aerate the wine and give it an enhanced flavor. To begin, select a proper decanter. A glass or crystal... »View More

Top Reasons Why Wine May Give You A Headache

A lot of wine drinkers know that, sometimes, drinking a glass of their favorite wine can cause a headache, but why does that happen? Well, there are several reasons why wine might cause headaches. Wine headaches usually occur 15 minutes after the consumption of wine, and they usually come with flushed skin and sometimes nausea. One of the main reasons... »View More

5 Tastes of France

Finding the 5 best wines and vineyards in France can be a real chore, even with services like ClearWirelessInternet4G.com. Lucky for you we have compiled a list of the 5 best vineyards from all over France so sit back, unwind, maybe grab a glass of your favorite wine (don’t worry, we will wait) and take a look at some of these incredible sights... »View More

Top 10 Finest Wine Vineyards In The United States

Many people are ill informed on exactly what a good glass of wine is all about. In addition to wine being good for you and having medicinal purposes, it cleanses the palette in preparation for a delicious lunch or dinner. It is so enjoyable to sit and chat over a good glass of wine, instead of a cup of coffee. Wine is consumed in some countries in place... »View More

How To Properly Store Wine At Your Home

To help keep the wine well preserved over the years, it’s important to follow a few steps to make sure the wine maintains its unique taste. For one thing, the placement of the wine is very important! It’s best to have the wine in a dark place. The reason being is that light will cause the wine to oxidate faster, which decreases the taste... »View More

Tasting Tips For The Fine Wine Connoisseur

As Wine Connoisseur, there are quite a few things to notice when drinking wine. Make sure you are able to take in the aroma because all wines are different. Some wines have a much sweeter undertone and others have a bit more of a dry undertone. For one thing, when you take a stab at tasting, it’s better to actually get a mouth full of wine so... »View More

How To Find Great Wine For Under 15

Drinking great tasting wine can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for any enthusiast. However, many of the great tasting wines are rather expensive and can break the bank on a constant basis. However, the good news is that there are ways to find great tasting wines for under 15. One of the best ways to find quality wines is to look into wholesale... »View More